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Here you will find a list of frequently asked questions from our users. If you do not find the asnwer to your question you can call us at 0034.971 26 17 96


1. Can I choose the brand or model of my car?

You will be able to choose the vehicle category which guarantees certain characteristics (ex: economy, 5 seats, 3 door), but in each category there are various models and we are NOT able to guarantee that you will recive a determined model. If we have the model available on your pick.up date we will be happy to give it to you. If the requested category is not available, we will give you a superior category at no extra charge. Model, fuel and car colour will depend on the cars available in our office on the pick-up date.

2. Do I need a credit card to make my booking?

NO, you can book your car without giving your credit card details but when you receive your car you must pay with a credit card.

3. How can I cancel my reservation?

For amendments please send us an email info@rentacarsolymar.com, Remember to indicate your name, day of the booking and the amendment you want to make.

4. I have not recived a confirmation, what should I do?

As soon as you finalise your booking you will receive a confirmation. You will also receive it at the given email address..If you do not receive our email, first of all check that your email address is correctly written. If it is, it may have been blocked by the anti-SPAM filter so we advise you to check your "Unwanted mail" folder and make sure that any emails from info@rentacarsolymar.com are not blocked and able to enter into your "Inbox". if this is not the case send us an email or call (0034)971.261796, as soon as possible and we will resend it to you.


5.Will I receive my car in the Airport?

We do not have a desk inside the airport. On arrival, collect luggage and head to the 3rd floor of the car parking, which is in front of the terminal building.

6. Which documents do I need to receive my car?

Please, bring your passport or ID card, driving license and credit card. If there are additional drivers, we need their passport or ID card and driver´s license.

7. What happens if my flight arrives late at night or delayed?

If you have provided us with the correct flight number you don't have to worry, we will be waiting for you. For bookings between (8 p.m- 11 p.m) and (06.00 a.m - 08.00 a.m) there is an extra "out of hours" charge of 20€.

8. Do I have to install accessories such as baby seats?

We ask clients to install any extras (ex: baby seat) theirselves, as required by our insurance company. In the case of any problems resulting from the incorrect installation of these accesories, the insurance company will not be held responsible.REGARDING PAYMENT

9. Can I pay in Cash or debit Card?

Yes, but you should buy the plus insurance or leave full credit card details.

10. Can the payment be made by credit card holder who is not the driver?

Yes, you may pay with a credit card holder who is not named on the reservation, but you should bring his/her original documents at the signature the contract.


11. What type of insurance is included in the price?

Damage caused to vehicle when driver is at fault, up to the excess amount.

  • Loss, theft, damage of keys, vest, warning triangle.
  • Damage caused to the underside or roof of the vehicle.
  • Damage caused to axle or wheel rim.
  • Towing service costs if at fault.
  • Damage caused to radio/cd player.
  • Filling up with the wrong type of fuel.
  • Damage caused to windscreen or window.
  • Damage caused to locks.
  • Damage caused to upholstery or extreme dirtiness.
  • Damage to tyres or punctures.Theft or loss of any car parts.
  • Wrong use of the clutch.
  • Damage caused by reckless/negligent driving or serious or very serious infringement.
  • Damage caused under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Failure to comply with contract conditions (not stated in the accident report that is supplied with our rental agreement)

12. Can I purchase additional insurance which covers excluded items?

If you book through our web page the price includes the rental and insurance (third party obligatory).Yes. If you wish, you may purchase a insurance when making your reservation or upon collection of your vehicle.


13 .What is and is not included in the booked price?

If you book through our web page, the price includes rental, insurance (see question nº11: What is NOT covered by the insurance included in the price?,)VAT and unlimited mileage.Not included: Fuel, fines or towing service in case of an accident when driver is at fault.

14. Are there age restrictions for renting a car?

The minimum age is 24 and a valid 3-years driver license is required.The maximum age permitted is 80.

15. Can I take the car off the island?

NO, it's not allowed to take the vehicles out of the island, without previously asking the company and paying an extra charge; otherwise, in case of any problem, the insurance would not cover them.

16. Who can drive the car?

Only those who have been added as drivers on the signed rental agreement as main or additional driver.